I’m Back/New Direction for Blog

Hey there! I have sadly failed as a blogger for the last few months (like has it really been almost 6 months??). I have no excuses for why I have been gone so long, so I will not even try to make any. The good news I hope is that I am back and hopefully will be blogging consistently (Like, at least once every 6 months…).

I have been thinking, and finally decided to take this blog down a new path. I am very interested is history. History textbooks, historic museums, historical fiction, historic dancing, sewing historic thing and really anything that has to do with history.

I would like to turn this blog into a historical blog. I will plan to blog about historic sewing and dancing mainly, with occasional picture dumps of historical reenactments and such that I attend. I will also blog about random stuff too, I am sure! Historical book or movie reviews maybe?

So, I will be working on  redesigning my blog (You may notice some changes already :)) and my new posts! I hope y’all stick around and find my new historical posts interesting (don’t worry, I won’t be giving history lectures or anything!)!

Happy Friday,



Do you think you will enjoy this new type of posts? Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “I’m Back/New Direction for Blog

  1. EMMA?? YOU POSTED??? *squeaks* I have one of my blogging buddies back!!! You didn’t tell me you were posting today!

    I’m so excited for your new posts! I may have to do some of the same kind *glances around nervously* I LOVE your new header, it’s just absolutely gorgeous. The designer must be SO talented. XD


  2. Your back!!! Hooray! I think historicalish posts would be super interesting! I look forward to reading them!
    Excited you’re back!


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